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In response to the global pandemic Covid-19, we have moved our hospitality recruitment agency to be fully remote. As our hospitality recruitment consultants work from home at various locations. All interviews are being professionally conducted on Zoom and Skype.

Hospitality Recruitment Agency:

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Hospitality Jobs Africa and our partners can offer you a range of benefits to assist you and your company in finding the perfect candidates for your hospitality recruitment. So let’s chat about that…

Competency Based Interviewing

Choosing the right staff means choosing the right questions. With an estimated 70% of CVs having exaggerations or omissions within them, it is vital to conduct thorough hospitality interviews and reference checks. We use in-depth, tried and tested competency-based interviewing techniques which really drill down into the candidate’s strengths that they can bring to your job placement. Competencies that we test are universal for hospitality management jobs, and include team-work; results orientation; customer focus, managing change, managing cultural diversity and planning and organizing.

Reference Checking

Our reference checking format follows through on assessing our recruitment job competencies.

Credit Checks

We run credit checks on all our hospitality candidates upon recruit from our clients and do not charge an additional fee for the service. It is important to note that in South Africa, many candidates have some blimp on their credit record and therefore need to be given the opportunity to explain this in order for credit checking not to be discriminatory. We require the permission of the candidate to do the check and ask them upfront if they think there will be an issue.

Qualification Checks

If requested, we are set up to do qualification checks to verify matric certificates as well as university and college qualifications and results

Criminal Record Checks

Upon request from our clients we are able to run fast and efficient criminal record checks on shortlisted hospitality job seekers.

Police Clearance Certificates

Police clearances are a prerequisite for many international recruitment projects. Whilst we are unable to apply for the clearances directly for our candidates, we are certainly able to provide them with essential information to expedite the process and avoid timely delays in getting our candidate to start work.

Visa Applications

For international hospitality recruitment drives from South Africa, we are able to assist hospitality applicants with the necessary paperwork required for visa applications. We enjoy good relationships with some international embassies including the Kuwait Embassy. Hospitality employers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will normally process and pay for the candidates employment visas.

International Hospitality Recruitment

Although we are a South African Hospitality Recruitment Agency, we recruit for hotels, restaurants and lodges throughout Africa as well as the Middle East. We have experience in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

High Volume Recruitment Drives

We have worked with leading hospitality employers such as Woolworths and Alshaya requiring high volume recruitment drives both locally and internationally. International employers from Kuwait and Dubai for example, expect to fly to South Africa and have back-to-back interviews set up for a variety of vacancies and candidates for a 5* calibre. Hospitality Jobs Africa are able to deal with the pressure and organization that this takes.

Luxury Style Service

You have a luxury brand and give your guest a luxury experience. Therefore you deserve that your hospitality recruitment agency offers you the same.

Honesty and Integrity

Just as we demand complete honesty and integrity in the recruitment process, not only for our job seekers, but also our clients, we need to be able to offer the same service in return.

Competitive Recruitment Fees

As your preferred Hospitality Recruitment Agency we are able to offer market-related very competitive fees. If you sign up with us exclusively to recruit all of your hospitality vacancies, we will negotiate an even better rate for you.

Guarantee Period

We offer our hospitality recruiters a guarantee period on the placement of our candidates. This minimizes the “recruitment risk” of the employer.

Experienced Hospitality Recruitment Consultants

Sarah has been working in recruitment since her graduation for UCT 26 years ago and got herself through university by working as a restaurant supervisor and later restaurant manager for an upmarket restaurant and cocktail bar in Cape Town. Sarah has trained other recruitment agencies across South Africa in competency-based recruitment methods. Joanna has a masters degree in communication, a background with the wine estates and large hospitality events companies and has been working in hospitality recruitment for 6 years. As business partners, we bring to the table our vast experience and dedication.

Large Active Database

We have a combined online and offline database of anywhere between 6000 to 8000 candidates at any one time. This means that we are able to react to your recruitment requirements swiftly and accurately.

Salary Package Negotiations

As expert negotiators with regards to salaries and benefits, we are well situated as your preferred recruitment agents to mediate between you and your chosen job candidate. As we are dealing with hospitality salaries on a daily basis, we naturally have a better than most knowledge of market related salaries in South Africa, Africa and the Middle East.

Employment Contracts & Offer Letters

We have standard employment contracts which adhere to the latest Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Labour Law and hospitality minimum wages. Smaller hospitality employers without their own contracts and offer letters are able to be guided by us in this regard.

Recruitment Advertising & Shortlisting

Arguably the most time consuming part of any recruitment process is advertising and shortlisting. This is what we do for a living, so we are efficient shortlisters and have systems in place to enable us to quickly identify the best-fit candidates for your vacancy. We also know the best places to advertise specific hospitality vacancies. So in short, we take the headache out of your recruitment projects.

Interview Arrangements

Once you have determined whom you would like to interview, we ensure that I candidates are well briefed with regards to your company, the job position and that they will arrive at the right time at the right place for the interview. This saves you a lot of time and energy not having to deal with late and unprepared applicants.

So, we hope that answers some of your questions to why us?


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