The debate between UK Skilled Worker Visas vs Illegal Immigration, looms large in the British press currently. The latest political controversy from the UK government has recently caused quite a stir in the press and led to panic in the SKILLED WORKERS that our company legally places in order to fill the critical skills shortages which are genuinely required to fill the massive skills gaps within the UK…

Our skilled workers – a lot of whom are chefs – and all of our staff are NOT illegal immigrants or asylum seekers.

The criteria for skilled workers, is that they officially appear as an eligible worker on the UK.GOV approved list. The term SKILLED WORKER, means exactly that.

Skilled workers also pay their way and do not cost the UK government or its citizens any money – rather, they are helping to keep the economy afloat.

So, consider this:

All skilled workers pay their medical health surcharge in advance. This means they are not a burden on the UK NHS health system

  • Our skilled workers pay tax to the UK government
  • Our skilled workers pay their National Health Insurance
  • Our skilled workers fill roles that the UK cannot find within the UK

Please note that is video is in no means intended to offend the plight or fight of any asylum seekers who have your own set of challenges… We simply have a duty of care to our skilled workers as a recruitment company.

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