Why Talent Pooling Makes Business Sense Today

…..Recruiting for the Future

What is Talent Pooling? Essentially you are hiring ahead of yourself but with strategic management planning in mind. You are on the constant lookout for exceptional hospitality and retail recruits that you have identified as essential for the future of your organization’s success and growth path.

For Hospitality Recruitment Agencies in South Africa, while it is no secret that hospitality recruitment has been on the “go slow” amidst the Covid pandemic, this does not mean that it will be in a slump forever. As hospitality recruiters, we are in this for the long haul and are there for the good times and the bad; where there has been breaking down, there will be rebuilding again, and that means rebuilding our teams. Many South African restaurants and lodges have sadly closed either temporarily or in more drastic cases permanently, leaving a plethora of professional and highly skilled hospitality workers jobless or having to pivot into a different career direction for now. But, we all know that this will improve again, we will be desperate to travel again, stay hotels again and see our friends around the world. So hospitality will bounce back! Even as we speak, some international travel is opening up again, as borders open to the Middle East for example. We are currently recruiting into Qatar and processing work visas in a matter of weeks. While candidates do have to quarantine for a week, this seems a small price to pay for hospitality job seekers getting excellent opportunities in the Middle East, and Middle East companies receiving the very best talent. So Why Does Talent Pooling Make Sense?

  • It focuses our strategic thinking about the future of our organizations and employees
  • It gives us time to stay in touch with candidates and build relationships with them over time
  • It allows us the time to reach “passive candidates” who are not actively seeking work right now
  • It gives us time to assess candidates’ skills in an unrushed manner and make suggestions to them where they can upskill to become more competitive as a job seeker
  • It allows us time to build a good reputation as a recruiter or employer with our candidates
  • It avoids “panic” recruiting when the time comes to recruit NOW
  • You can use your talent pool to react quickly to your needs

Written by: Sarah Donnelly, MD, Hospitality Jobs Africa Why Talent Pooling Makes Business Sense Today

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