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Hospitality Market Overview for Saudi Arabia –
Though the increasing travel to the country is encouraging investments, the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia is recording dynamic key performance indicators from the past five years. The kingdom is focusing on improving investment opportunities through the introduction of several projects. Qiddiya, The Red Sea Development, Amaala, NEOM, Al Ula, Wadi Al Disah Development are the major projects launched by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia in 2018 and are aiming at fulfilling the target Vision 2030. The increasing religious and leisure travel to the Kingdom has opened investment opportunities in the hospitality industry and resulted in an increasing number of new hotels opening in the key cities.

The top-performing international brands opened more than 20 new hotels a few directly with their brand name and a few through strategic partnerships with the leading domestic hospitality groups and added more than 8,200 rooms/keys to the existing supply covering all segments of the market. Jeddah recorded the highest average daily revenue value among the top competitive markets across the globe with USD 284. Makkah, Riyadh and Dammam/ Al Khobar are also among the top 10 locations that recorded the highest average daily revenue across the world making the region an attractive market for investors.

As more hotels and restaurants open up, Saudi Arabia will look to countries known for their excellence in hospitality services, South African hospitality staff are known throughout the world for their hard work, excellent English, reasonable salary expectations and love of international work opportunities.

Hospitality Jobs Africa has a large database of skilled South Africans experienced in hotels, restaurants, kitchens and retail who are seeking international work opportunities in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

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