So, if you are wondering if potential hospitality recruiters are checking your social media prior to interviews and indeed employment offers, the simple answer is yes, definitely! In fact a recent study found that in fact a whopping 93% of all hospitality employers check candidates social media at some point during the hospitality recruitment process. In the midst of COVID-19 as well as post the pandemic it is sensible to assume that this number will increase. As in many cases, the recruitment process will go remote, employers will feel an even greater need to get a more rounded view of potential candidates.

While LinkedIn is a professional social media site where people post about their careers, other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram paint a completely different story.

So what are the top things that employers do look for and what are the things that will put them off?

What hospitality recruiters are looking for:

Culture Fit

Employers are looking at your social profiles to see if you would be a good fit for their corporate culture. What you say in an interview to describe yourself and what you are posting on your media pages may paint completely different pictures. Do you appear to be outgoing and sociable, do you have good contacts in your profession, is your profile picture appropriate, what are your hobbies and interests? All of these things will give employers a more insightful glimpse of your personality.

Qualifications and Competencies

If for example you say that you have good communication skills, does your social media confirm this? What do your posts say about you? Are you articulate? Does your writing have constant spelling mistakes? You may have said to the interviewer that you have excellent personal relationships, but are you arguing and being belligerent with people on Facebook.

Creativity and Intelligence

For vacancies which may require candidates to be creative and out-the-box thinkers, employers are looking to your social platforms to look at the originality of your postings. Are you witty and innovative in your interactions? Are you intelligent and interested in relevant topics? What are you tweeting actually tweeting about?

Employers do NOT want to see:

Anything explicit or of a sexual nature…. Ever
Photos of you consuming alcohol or passing out. While partying in itself is irrelevant, the fact that you are posting in publicly and perhaps bragging about it will leave a big question mark in an employer’s mind as to if they would want you associated with their brand.
Bad grammar and spelling
The use of profane language
Violent or aggressive content
In short, be sensible and balanced in your postings on social media.. that is ultimately what employers are wanting to see. Ask your hospitality recruitment agency in South Africa for further tips on your hospitality job interview

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