Personal Trainer Job Description


Personal Trainer Job Description

Title: Personal Trainer Job

Place of Work:  Gym or Leisure Centre
Reports to: Leisure Centre Manager

Hours of Work:  Flexible

Personal trainers provide physical fitness instruction and fitness and lifestyle assessments. Due to increasing public interest in health and fitness, there are opportunities to work in a range of settings: personal trainers are either employed by or work on a freelance basis at fitness centres, health clubs and hotel leisure centres and resorts.

Some also work in corporate fitness, offering services to employers. Experienced trainers who have built up a reputation may also work privately with individuals.

Typical work activities include:

  • working closely with clients to develop personalized health and fitness plans;
  • providing information and advice on nutrition and stress management;
  • measuring and assessing blood pressure, heart recovery rate, body fat ratio, etc.;
  • monitoring client development;
  • maintaining and updating client records;
  • providing practical feedback and support.
  • Motivation
  • Ongoing assessment of diet and nutrition

Employers may require a qualification in sports science, exercise and health studies, leisure studies, sports studies, recreation management or human movement studies. Human resources is important as this is a relationship building job.

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