Job Title: Lodge Manager Job

The focus of this lodge position is the management of the day to day operations of the lodge in order to meet with the specified standards, objectives and policies of the lodge.


 Principle tasks and duties

 The main duty of the lodge Manager will be to generate money. An Annual Budget and Business Plan have to be developed.

  • It is the duty of the lodge manager to install a strong marketing profile including active approaches to tourism industry in order to boost visitor numbers.
  • The income and expenses should be monitored and the Annual Budget should be used as a guideline to manage the lodge.
  • The lodge Manager must manage the lodge on a day to day basis and ensure that tasks are implemented on time and according to the budget and required scope and quality.
  • The lodge Manager will have to manage all the assets to its full potential in order to ensure a good income.
  • Ensure quality standards for infrastructure and technical maintenance of The lodge.
  • All the lodge policies and laws of the country should be monitored and enforced by the lodge Manager in alignment with Human resources and Tourism grading’s.
  • The lodge Manager will have to develop a long and short term operational plan, to ensure the lodges sustainability as a tourism attraction.
  • It is the duty of the lodge Manager to set up a Business plan.
  • It is also the duty of the lodge manager to do selection of qualified staff.
  • The lodge manager needs to provide status updates to the General Manager of the lodge including immediate escalation of key issues where necessary.

 Roles and Responsibilities

 The lodge manager will be responsible to manage employees in the lodge.

  • The lodge manager will carry supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and the applicable laws.
  • It is the lodge Managers responsibility to maintain a good working relationship with the other companies.
  • The lodge manager will have to involve the financial department in the bookkeeping of the lodge.
  • It will be the duty of the lodge Manager to manage the business, using the following skills: Planning, organizing, implementing, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.
  • Invoicing clients, stock take, promoting lodge and customer satisfaction will be part of the lodge Manager’s responsibilities.
  • Other roles and responsibilities might be assigned from time to time

 Key Performance Areas


Ensure correct staffing according to business levels Ensure staff levels are in accordance with business levels.





Daily Management Report. Cash up’s Report


Month End Report

Report on marketing and sales activities – objective to create a sound business chase.

Lead / Manage and Partake in activities


Ensure smooth running of all Lodge Operations Allocate duties to all staff and ensure all your bases are covered daily.

To ensure that all staff are neat, clean and correctly dressed and equipped

with the necessary items required for efficient service, thereby maintaining the highest standards and appearance and social skills as required by company policy.

During Service

During service remain on the floor with guest to ensure service levels are extraordinary. Breakfast : 07h00 to 11h00

Lunch : 12h00 to 14h30

Dinner : 19h00 to 21h00

Take care of any special requests

Ensure the waitron station and bar service areas are clean and fully functional and effective at all times.

Break Down Breakdown is completed in accordance with the SOP standards.
Cleanliness To maintain an acceptable standard of cleanliness throughout at all times.
Internal Communication Establish an effective system of communication between other departments and all staff.
SOPs and House Rules Be familiar with all operational manuals and house rules.

Ensure the standard menu is being followed. Food is served at the prescribed standard

Basic kitchen hygiene is adhered to.


Welcome guest to the lodge. All guests to receive welcome drink according to SOP

Assist the receptionist with the check in.

Introduce the guest to their ranger.

Walk guest to room – this is a ranger’s function.

Explain to guest how all items in room works.

Assist with any problems / requests.

Assist with group check in.

Assist with data collection for reception in order to ensure charges are done correctly.

Assist with check out.

Housekeeping & Rooms Ensure with Housekeeping that standards are maintained at all times


Being in Contact All duty managers to carry a radio at all times. The late shift duty manager  to carry the portable phone

Enhancing the Guest Experience 


Ensure all aspects requested on the function sheet, reservation notes are met. Making sure all guests are aware of the time slots activities takes place in.

Duty Manager to assist with in house activities program.

Tour Groups Liaise with tour leader regarding tour program and any changes to the program
VIP Guests All VIP guests are handled in accordance with their VIP Status

Deal with all complaints .Listen and address complaints as they are reported by guests or through a third party.

Ensure follow up with guest that problem has been sorted, especially when reported through a third party.

Offering of Services All guest to be aware of services the lodge offers. Assist with reservations and arrangements to participate in these programs.
Collection of Feedback Actively encourage guests to give feedback during their stay. Collection of guest questionnaires.
Service Levels Ensure at all times that the guest experience service of an acceptable level.


Collection of Revenue

Ensure that all guests are charged correctly. Ensure all dockets are processed on the day the sale is made.

Ensure all dockets are signed by the guest.

Ensure the docket control sheet is completed for all cash ups and handed to reception.

Cash Up All cash ups are done in accordance with the SOP

Stock Take 






Ensure that the food, beverage and equipment stock takes are done as required .Be present at the stock takes.

Twice monthly stock take done in accordance with SOP for food and beverage

Once per month equipment stock take

Ensure stock take procedures are followed.

Monthly inventory control

Report any losses and damages immediately and take action to rectify

COS Variances Investigate and correct any discrepancies or errors in profit margins or stock levels
Floats and Change Ensure all floats are accounted for and checked on a regular basis.


Overtime and Leave Ensure that off days and annual leave is allocated properly. Ensure staff is following the leave / off day roster.
Training Ensure that constant on the Job Training take place Subject staff to formal / external training where possible
Staff Meetings Hold weekly staff meeting. Minutes to be send to the GM and placed on the notice board for all staff to see.
Schedule and control other leave This is for sick, family responsibility, unpaid etc. Emergency applications can be signed off by the F&B Manager / Duty Manager
Performance Appraisals Monthly performance appraisals
Grievances Report any grievances



Ensure all areas are clean and clutter free. Ensure kitchen is following proper hygiene procedures.

Ensure that all fire and safety procedures are followed.

Assist with emergencies.

Take control of evacuations in case of fire.



Set an example for your staff and offer leadership.
Use your own initiative, cope in an emergency, accept change and keep up to date with new technology.
Ensure that any first aid or fire action is taken speedily as required.
Ensure maximum security in all areas under control.
To wear full uniform when on duty as specified on Uniform Standards Policy
Be punctual
To be available to work extra time
To be familiar with rules and regulations and security procedures
Attend management meetings as requested.
To perform any other reasonable duties as prescribed by the management
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