• Full Time
  • Mpumalanga
  • R15000 - R18000 Basic + Comm USD / Year
  • Salary: RR15000 - R18000 Basic + Comm

  • Street Address: Nelspruit
  • Town/City: Nelspruit
  • State/Province: Mpumalanga
  • Postal Code: 1200

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Hospitality Recruitment Agency South Africa

Chef school based in Nelspruit is seeking an excellent sales person with a great knowledge of the hospitality industry to promote the school and work with the student body.

Education and Experience

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Proficient in relevant computer applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Required language proficiency
  • Knowledge of customer service principles and practices
  • Experience in a call center or customer service related environment
  • Good data entry and typing skills
  • Knowledge of administration and clerical processes

Key Competencies

  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Own vehicle and valid driver’s license is a necessity
  • No criminal records

Job responsibilities


  • An agent must be professionally and neatly dressed at all times
  • An agent may not be at work or any THE COMPANY related or unrelated functions under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • An agent is responsible for a professional and respectful mannerism towards staff, management, students, parents and clientele at all times
  • An agent is responsible for compiling an in-depth competitor analysis twice a year. Information to be captured in relevant spreadsheet and presented to branch principle or at THE COMPANY yearly sales conference
  • Agent to arrange payments and documentation for all organised expo bookings (Perfect Life, RFR, X2Y, CCEA etc) and private school expos and capture events on Global Sales Calendar and office white board. Bookings to be communicated with branch principal before hand and attendee to be arranged
  • Agents are responsible to capture all guidance teacher’s information on excel spreadsheet and update continuously
  • Agents are responsible to keep Dropbox folder neat and updated
  • Agents to attend any non-sales events related if requested by the branch principle
  • Agents to maintain and improve on quality of results by adhering to standards and guidelines; recommending improved procedures within the sales department.


  • To attend daily staff meetings at their campus before 08:00am
  • An agent is responsible to send all daily sales related activities, issues and achievements on THE COMPANY Sales WhatsApp group
  • An agent will be responsible for sending updated relevant information e-mails to all website inquiries and capturing details on CRM. Daily contact with all potential students must be no later than a 24-hour period. Inquiries to be removed off CRM after 3 times of no communication
  • An agent will be responsible for sending updated relevant information e-mails to all personal e-mail inquiries and contact them via e-mail. If possible once all details have been obtained to capture into CRM. Inquiries to be removed off CRM after 3 times of no communication
  • An agent will be responsible for sending updated relevant information messages and attachments to all WhatsApp inquiries. Continuous communication via WhatsApp platform must be kept and inquiries to be removed after 3 times of no communication
  • Agents are responsible to update enrolment spreadsheet with each application and enrolment received. Student numbers to be issued and all relevant information to be captured accurately
  • Agents are responsible to compile and send required documentation (Acceptance, Student Loan or VISA) letters. Letters to be sent to the applicant or enrolment after it has been checked, stamped and signed by branch principle. Certification to be updated when necessary and sent through with all letters
  • Agents to update hot list, WhatsApp hot leads, RPL list, new applications, new enrolments, Open Day numbers and Shadow week numbers on office white boards and relevant spreadsheets on Dropbox
  • Agents to attach all required documentation on the CRM for all applicants and enrolments and save documentation in student folders on Dropbox


  • Agents are responsible to follow up on applicants for payments, partial deposits for full deposits and enrolled students for completed contracts with supporting documents
  • Agents to arrange meetings with enrolled students to bring in original contract of enrolment into the campus and complete a uniform fitting
  • Agents to send through weekly reports to branch principal with updated enrolment spreadsheet
  • Agent to advise branch principle of any issues with regards to sales and sales related activities at the end of each week

Open Days

  • Agents to send out Open Day invitations to all potential inquiries and students when received from marketing department.
  • Agents to manage bookings on excel spreadsheet and numbers captured on sales white board
  • Agents to attend every Open Day held at the campus unless absenteeism is approved by branch principle
  • Agents to be dressed in formal attire for all Open Day events and required to be on campus 90 minutes before the events starts
  • Agents to communicate numbers of attendees for Open Day to branch principle and related staff in morning meetings
  • Agents to update and print Open Day sign in sheet. All marketing material needed for event to be arranged the day before the event
  • Agents to available to greet, interact and entertain all guests throughout the event
  • Agents to provide a campus tour, information sessions, payments and completion of paperwork where necessary
  • Agents to attend all Open Day meetings held after completion of the Open Day
  • Agents to organise day before event the cash receipts and card transaction book from accounts. All payments on the day to be recorded in full as necessary
  • Agents to complete follow up calls to all attendees and non-attendees a week after the event has ended

Shadow Week

  • Agents to send out invitations for Shadow Week events to all inquiries when received from Marketing department
  • Agents to manage bookings for Shadow week. Payments and indemnity forms to be collected and filed accordingly
  • Agents to communicate numbers to branch principal and all related staff in morning meetings
  • Agents to arrange all necessary marketing related material and sign in sheets to be compiled by agents a day before the event
  • Agents to join attendees for lunch each day and communicate course related, fees and processes and answer any questions
  • Agents to complete follow up calls to all attendees and non-attendees a week after the event has ended

School Expos

  • Agents to book all private expos and communicate attendance with branch principle beforehand
  • Agents to contact all organised events (CCEA, RFR, Perfect Life, X2Y etc) and arrange payments and bookings with branch principal
  • Agents to arrange all marketing material needed for school expos and ensure student sign in sheets are available
  • Agents to communicate success rates on each school after each attendance and record A, B and C list ratings. Agents to record number of inquiries and general information on each school
  • Agents to complete mileage records for expense and petrol logs during all expos. Logs to be given to branch principal to sign off and send through to accounts once completed

Applications and Enrolments

  • Agents are responsible for the collection of the proof of payment of application fee as well as completed application form
  • Agent to complete front page of each file and ensure that the applicants’ file are stored in the relevant file correctly
  • Agents to record all applications on enrolment spreadsheet as well as on sales white board
  • Agents to announce all applications received on sales WhatsApp group
  • Agents to change sales status on CRM and all relevant documents to be attached as required
  • Agents to send all relevant letters (VISA, Student Loan, Acceptance) to every applicant with all THE COMPANY campus accreditation
  • Agents to follow up on applications to see when payments of deposits will be made to secure
  • Agents to follow up on any partial deposits made to secure full deposits are completed a month before the intake starts
  • Agents to send enrolment contract to be completed on first initial deposit made
  • Agents to communicate with students with regards to bringing in the original completed enrolment contract. Uniform fitting to be completed on campus at the same time. Once first attempt has been communicated from sales agent, student and financiers’ details to be handed to TSS for further follow up thereafter
  • Agents to complete contract in full with the student and financier. Once completed, agent responsible to hand over to branch principle to check and sign off and then hand over to accounts

Promotions and Marketing Material

  • Agents are responsible for all marketing material at each campus, with continuous stock monitoring and counts to be made. Agents are responsible for making all necessary arrangements with campus principle for material needed in timeously manner
  • Agents to compile all marketing material needed for school expos and to communicate to branch principle for any additional orders or outstanding items
  • Agents to arrange with Branch Principal for staff assistance with lecturers or students during peak sales seasons
  • Agents to communicate to sales representatives through group expo companies (CCEA, RFR, Perfect Life, X2Y etc) with regards to school expos, dates, areas, calendars and WhatsApp groups

CRM and computer functionality

  • Agents to obtain client information through making and answering telephone calls daily; walk in interviews; capturing information in online capture database (CRM)
  • Agents are responsible for updating existing customer information online capture database (CRM)
  • Agents to complete a minimum of 60 recorded calls through CRM daily
  • Agents to make accurate notes on each prospect and ensure statuses are changed where necessary
  • All issues and problems on CRM must be reported directly to branch principal to ask Chef Rudolph for assistance or alternatively contact support helpline directly
  • Agents are responsible for upkeep of all active inquiries on the CRM. Any inquiries that have not been reached over 3 attempts must be removed
  • Agents to ensure all documentation needed are attached for accounts to verify and to be completed in full and in a timeously manner
  • Agents should ensure that the CRM system is used daily by all sales representatives and accurate information to be collected and recorded for both sales and marketing related purposes
  • Agents to ensure that work computers in the private capacity of each person are taken care of and may be responsible for any damage or loss

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