Human Resources Manager Job Description

Human Resources

Human Resources Manager Job Description

Job Title: Human Resource Manager

Reports to: Proprietor, General Manager, Senior Management

Responsible for: All employees of the Property in liaison with HODs


  1. To regularly review HR Service level agreement adapting this service in line with the needs of the business and our colleagues.
  2. To create a climate where managers can freely consult with you.
  3. To support Managers and HODs in the delivery of training as required
  4. To coach and develop HOD’s to be self sufficient in the performance management of their teams.
  5. Contribute to budget process
  6. To contribute towards the training & development plan in line with the Hotel’s business plan, ensuring compliance with statutory training requirements.
  7. Be the first point of contact for performance related issues for the hotel management team.
  8. To oversee and assist with the appropriate use of the company disciplinary and grievance procedures to ensure a fair and consistent process.  To assist with the company appeals procedure as required.
  9. Ensure terms & conditions of employment are understood by all colleague and are observed throughout their employment.
  10. Take responsibility for personal self-development.
  11. To keep abreast of competitor activity that may have an impact on our business
  12. Develop and maintain relationships with education establishment and external organisations
  13. Facilitate the setting and achievement of the effective manpower plans for each department
  14. To ensure pay reviews are in line with company guidelines
  15. Ensure the HR Function operates efficiently and cost effectively
  16. Provide advice to Line Managers on all aspects of manpower planning
  17. Ensure the Hotel Brand and People standards are adhered to consistently.
  18. Carry out exit interviews with HODs or Management


  1. Carry out Training Needs Analysis based on Job Descriptions, Feedback, Management Feedback and Comment Card Feedback
  2. Compile quarterly training plan
  3. Publicize & promote training & development to all employees
  4. Book training rooms when needed
  5. Ensure training zone is utilized to maximum capacity and stocked with necessary resources
  6. Deliver all in-house training
  7. Drive attendance at all courses
  8. Coordinate all training documentation: course objectives, training records etc.
  9. Coordinate training budget based on the required percentage of annual payroll given by Financial Controller
  10. Deliver orientation and coordinate all new starters


  1. Assist in identifying appropriate courses for Managers and employees to attend
  2. Responsible for all internships and work experience

Recruitment & Selection

  1. Deal with incoming recruitment requisitions
  2. Liaising with preferred supplier hospitality recruitment agencies
  3. Assist with recruitment advertising
  4. Update all on-line recruitment sources on a regular bases
  5. Interview Candidates & complete appropriate documentation
  6. Carry out reference checks when required
  7. Issue written regrets to unsuccessful candidates
  8. Issue offers of employment and contracts to successful Candidates
  9. Coordinate start date to coincide with Orientation

Employment Relations

  1. Coordinate all employee social events
  2. Drive monthly departmental meetings
  3. Manager staff lockers
  4. Manage staff name badges
  5. Manage staff uniform issue & return



  • Update HR Alerts & all other on-line recruitment advertising
  • Check and record clock cards on all employees.  Record and assist in maintaining time management on our clock card system liaise with HODs
  • Assist in managing employee absenteeism and turnover
  • Monitor and record employee Holidays and Bank Holidays


  • To conduct bimonthly 1:1 meetings with the Management Team and HODs


  • Prepare end of month reports on absenteeism, turnover
  • Prepare holiday provisions report
  • Departmental meetings
  • Update employee telephone list

Half yearly

  • Coordinate and Record and maintain Appraisal Forms for all employees
  • To ensure you follow items and paperwork regarding the Quality Employer Programme


  • Prepare annual HR budget & Calendar of activities
  • Prepare annual training needs analysis and training plan

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