A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is the most flexible and convenient way to introduce yourself as a successful job candidate to potential hospitality and retail employers and ultimately to make a great first impression. It is one of the most important ways to market yourself when you are searching for a job and therefore it is very important to invest time in writing your CV or resume in the most professional manner possible.

There are no specific rules on CV writing but you should follow some basic guidelines and include the following information that retail and hospitality recruiters will be seeking:
• Personal details – full name, date of birth, updated contact details (telephone number, email address and Skype username);
• Head and shoulder professional photo – a recruiter will not be impressed by seeing a photo of you in the club for example;
• Education and qualifications relevant to the retail or hospitality vacancy you are applying for;
• Work experience, starting with the current or most recent one (Company’s name, location, website if available, dates of employment, position and main duties). It is also important to include a reason why you have left each employment. Keep it simple – is should be easy to read;
• Showcase your career achievements;
• Skills – e.g. languages, specific computer programs etc.;
• Interests and life achievements – keep it short and to the point;
• Include a personal statement – use a short explanation why you are the best person for the hospitality or retail job which you are applying for
• References – Name and position, company and contact number.

There can be many reasons why your CV may be rejected by a recruiter. The job market is a competitive place especially if you are applying for a popular well paid hospitality job so avoid the following silly errors: spelling mistakes, typos and bad grammar, copying a large amount of words from the actual job post, incorrect contact details, messy format and decorative templates, and lastly, very long CVs.
Recruiters are busy people so you need to make your CV stand out from the pack at a glance! You will never get another opportunity to make that first impression.
Once you finish writing your CV – check and double check again! Avoid errors, ask for second opinion from a trusted friend or colleague. A well written CV will open a lot of doors to your career

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