This is a sample job description of a hotel general manager job, that human resources managers can use as a template against which they can recruitment senior management in the hospitality industry.


Objective:    To oversee all aspects of the operation of the Hotel to secure the maximum in revenues and guest satisfaction while positioning the Hotel in a recognizable position in the marketplace. This is to be accomplished through training, yield management and the implementation of service standards with constant communication and feedback to the Group Operations Manager and Proprietor.

Main duties/Responsibilities:

To ensure that the Hotel is maintained to the highest standards and to implement an efficient preventative maintenance program while maximizing room availability.

Practice continued cost control through adherence to agreed budgets.

To ensure that the Management Team have set targets regarding Sales, Gross Profit, Wastage etc.

To ensure that the Management Team is trained appropriately to the highest standards.

Develop standards based on occupancy to control costs to coincide with revenues in accordance with the budget.

To oversee and control all stocktaking.

Personally greet and interact with as many customers as possible with concept of creating a personalized environment within the Hotel.

Resolve all guest complaints personally and in absence follow up by telephone or post to ensure guest satisfaction.

To develop and maintain a culture of top class customer care standards.

To ensure a good working relationship with all employees and the local community.

Hold regular communications meetings with all employees and the Management team.

To develop all employees through to use of appraisals, training and development in consultation with the Human Resources Manager.

To achieve all targets as agreed with the Group Operations Manager.

Develop a proactive Yield Management program to include ninety-day forecasting identifying strong and weak periods in order to maximize average rate resulting in increased revenues.

Create an aggressive Marketing Plan to increase the market share through outside sales. Identify ideal clientele and develop a strategy to build relationships with their source. This can be achieved through familiarization visits and sales calls and attendance at Trade Shows.

Provide accurate reporting to enhance the sales and marketing plan to identify sources of business and geographical location of clients to assist in directing marketing resources.

Create advertising through favourable written reviews of the hotel, the food and service levels. Invite media and critics to visit the hotel with the vision of increased sales.

Present month end reports at monthly Management meeting to include accurate financial statements, guest comment surveys and marketing activity reports.

To attend relevant conferences and seminars as directed by the Company.

To seek opportunities to develop yourself in relation to technical training and personal development.

To ensure the hotel fully complies with all relevant Government and Local Authority Legislation relevant to the operation of the hotel as a business and employer.

This list of duties is not exhaustive as you will be required to carry out other duties as assigned to you from time to time by the Group Operations Manager.

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