Hotel Duty Manager Job Description

duty manager

Below is an example fo a job description for a Duty Manager.

Responsibilities include:
1. Providing a visible management presence while on duty.
2. Ensuring each department is prepared and staffed for each shift.
3. Dealing with sales enquires in absence of sales department.
4. Running of weddings, functions & conferences during each shift.
5. Monitor health and safety throughout the hotel.
• Overlooking day-to-day operation of the whole facility
• Communicating with customers (handling complaints, collecting ideas on improving the operation, providing information, selling facilities, checking premises, reporting any damages and breakdowns and checking if repairs have been completed)
• Communicating with employees (problem solving, distributing work duties, providing all means to get the work done)
• Assisting other heads of departments with their work
• Reporting to the general manager