Growth of the Hospitality Industry Covid 19

Over the last year, the corona virus has made a massive global impact, with many businesses being shuttered.  Few industries have been as affected as hospitality, nationally and internationally.

However, as it has always done, the hospitality industry is rising to the challenge, and growth is slowly taking place. Professionals in Hospitality are finding new and innovative ways to safely serve guests, protect staff and continue to provide exceptional customer care.

By going digital, many hoteliers and restaurateurs maintain relationships with established and prospective clients through social media. Hoteliers can now use various platforms to update their guests on the different measures that they are taking to protect staff and guests’ safety, and to receive guests’ feedback to facilitate market responsiveness, as well as to promote special services and offerings ie. hoteliers are able to promote special “staycation” packages using social media to target local families that are wanting a holiday, but are not able to travel internationally.

Another focus is for the hospitality staff themselves, as they too need to be constantly updated on the steps that are being taken to protect them and their families. And if you’re one of the many businesses that has had to implement reduced operating hours, or temporarily suspend operation altogether for a while, it’ is so important to constantly reach out to your staff. They too will be feeling the effects of the lockdowns.

Clear and consistent communication is key, as well as to ensure that their own work-spaces are safe.  This in turn gives reassurance to guests and customers, with such measures as changing workspace layouts to facilitate social distancing, or safety barriers between staff and guests alike.

The COVID-19 pandemic may well be one of the biggest crises to affect the hospitality industry as a whole, but as always, the industry is rising to the challenge – and now is the time for immense growth.

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