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We’re the masters of match-making in the world of contract catering & events. Picture this: we’re like the chefs of recruitment, whipping up the perfect team for national and international catering companies. Whether you’re a catering connoisseur or an audit auteur, we’ve got your back. From suave catering managers to savvy project managers, from cool kitchen managers to creative events chefs at every level, we’ve got a spot for you in our flavor-filled family. So, if you’re ready to spice up your career and bring some sizzle to the catering industry, hop on board with Hospitality Jobs Africa. Let’s cook up something amazing together!

About Hospitality Jobs Africa

Hospitality Jobs Africa Group started back in 2008 and have never looked back. We are a group of talented hospitality recruitment consultants who are all specialists in our particular fields. Not even a epidemic could hold us back….

We stayed together during Covid, putting all our energies into pipe lining out talent pools, refining our hospitality candidate base and knowing for sure, that nothing ever lasts forever.

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If you are contract catering company or events company, looking to employ catering managers, project managers, facilities managers, financial managers, kitchen managers, corporate chefs and catering chefs, we are the leading contract catering company! Check out our Google Reviews!

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