Job Title : Beauty Therapist Job

Reports to : Salon / Spa Manager 


Key Relationships

Salon Manager, Deputy Salon Manager, Senior Beauty Therapist, Hotel

General Manager, Members of Club, Hotel Guests.

Key Job Responsibilities

  • Perform beauty treatments to a high standard
  • Actively promote marketing activities set out by Manager
  • Promote the sale of beauty products in conjunction with beauty treatments
  • Responsibility for all payments made for beauty therapy treatments/products.
  • Record details of all treatments taken for each client
  • Assist in the sales of accessories in the club
  • To take responsibility for stock control accounting systems
  • To take responsibility for cashing up

Self Management

  • Comply with hotel rules and regulations and provisions contained in the employment handbook
  • Comply with company grooming and uniform standards
  • Comply with timekeeping and attendance policies
  • Actively participate in training and development programs and maximize opportunities for self development
  • To maintain the appropriate attitude and physique to reflect and promote the image of the Salon

Customer Service

Demonstrate service attributes in accordance with industry expectations and company standards to include:

  • Being attentive to guests
  • Accurately and promptly fulfilling guest requests
  • Understand and anticipate guest needs
  • Maintain a high level of knowledge which will enhance the guest experience
  • Demonstrate a service attitude that exceeds expectations
  • Take appropriate action to resolve guest complaints
  • Appreciate the dynamic nature of the health club industry/hotel industry and extend these service attributes to all internal customers

Health Safety & Security

  • Ensure the highest standards of hygiene, cleanliness and tidiness in the Beauty Salon and club
  • Demonstrate an understanding and an awareness of all policies and procedures relating to Health, Hygiene and Fire Life Safety
  • Familiarize yourself with emergency and evacuation procedures
  • Ensure all security incidents, accidents and near misses are always logged in a timely manner and brought to the attention of your line manager

The above is designed to help you in the understanding of your role and is not

intended to be a definitive list of your duties, as flexibility in meeting company

and guests needs is required by all employees.

I confirm that I have read and agreed this Job Description explaining the main duties

of my job.


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