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Hospitality Jobs Africa is a hospitality recruitment agency South Africa. We started back in 2008 and have successfully being recruiting for our hospitality clients ever since. We are a bespoke team of professional recruitment consultants who are all specialists in our particular fields. We take pride in sourcing exceptional hospitality candidates predominantly for the luxury market. Our common hospitality jobs include Front of House, Back of House, Hotel & Restaurant Management, Chefs of all levels, Hotel Sales & Marketing and Financial Managers and so much more.  We specialize in placing South African candidates around South Africa, Greater Africa and the Middle East.

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Restaurant Recruitment

Our dedicated restaurant recruitment agency consultants have over 40 years’ experience in international restaurant chains, food courts,contract catering and fine-dining restaurants. We provide our clients and job candidates with professional and knowledgeable services in filling restaurant vacancies. We have worked on many new restaurant openings in South Africa, Kuwait, Dubai and Abu Dhabi and are successful in both small and high volume restaurant recruitment drives.

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Chef Recruitment

As a specialist Chef Recruitment Agency South Africa we focus on kitchen and chef vacancies throughout South Africa, Africa and the whole of the Middle East. We have an impressive database of fine-dining executive chefs that can take your property to the next level to become a destination restaurant priding itself on local produce and international culinary standards.

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Lodge Recruitment

As a lodge recruitment agency South Africa, it is our job to stay in touch with our amazing experienced lodge candidates scattered across the continent. So look no further – contact our experienced specialist safari lodge agents to fill your vacancy. If you are a lodge job seeker, register with us now to find your dream job in South Africa or Africa! We know that you are often working in remote locations in Africa and work alongside you to overcome some the challenges of instant communication.

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Hotel Recruitment

We are a dedicated Hotel Recruitment Agency in South Africa, and recruit hotel jobs for a wide variety of clients within the hotel employment market. These include 5* hotels, hotel groups and boutique hotels. Our hotel recruitment South Africa also extends to countries such as, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Namibia, Zanzibar, Ghana, Uganda and UAE, The Middle East. Sign up with us today to take your hotel recruitment career to the next level.

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Hospitality Jobs Africa is a leading hospitality recruitment agency service across South Africa, Africa and the Middle East. We specialize specifically in hospitality jobs, chef vacancies and lodge placements throughout Africa.

Jobs in Africa

With the UK withdrawing working holiday visas for South African job seekers, it is important to know that there are still many overseas and international job opportunities for hospitality, hotel and chef qualified candidates.


If you decide to pursue your career in the Middle East, it is important that you have all information prior to leaving your country. It is advisable to use a local hospitality recruitment agency that works regularly with Middle Eastern clients.


Conducting proper preparation is essential for getting ready for an forthcoming job interview and an important element of this preparation is preparing answers to commonly asked interview questions.


In order to get your dream job you will need to ensure that you have an accurate, current and professionally presented CV. Here is a useful checklist of ten tips to enable you to keep your curriculum vitae looking it’s best.


Not all international recruiters will travel to South Africa to conduct face-to-face interviews, so your Skype interview may be your only opportunity to sell yourself and your skills set to them.


Information about our five job industries - Hospitality, Restaurant, Chef, Lodge and Hotel.

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